Does Health Insurance cover hearing aids?

by Dr. Rachel Lynch on November 9, 2016

insuranceDo I have health insurance coverage for hearing aids?  This is a question that we face everyday when fitting aids.  Health insurance will pay for medical and surgical expenses that arise during illnesses for the insurer.  A hearing aid is a medical device that can improve one’s quality of life, but is rarely covered by an insurance company.

Right now, most insurance companies will only cover hearing aids for children and not adults.  Unfortunately, hearing aids come with a hefty price tag.  Most hearing aids will cost $1200-4000 a piece.  Most patients that have a hearing loss will need two hearing aids to hear successfully.  A lot of health insurance companies feel that because hearing loss is so common they don’t want to pay for the coverage.  Remember 65 million Americans are affected by some type of hearing impairment.

Most insurers and Medicare will pay for a hearing test that is prescribed by a physician.  Luckily, at Sonology we provide everyone with a FREE consultation.  The Veterans’ Hospital will provide free services for our Veterans as well.

It is recommended to be aware of private insurers that send out fliers saying that if you pay a certain amount each month you will have hearing aid coverage.  It is important to read between the lines and understand that most insurers will tie you to one hearing aid company and hearing aid.  There are not many choices when you get into this situation and a lot of Audiologists in town will not provide service for these hearing aids or have the software for these types of hearing aids.  Some types of hearing aids that are offered allows the patient to have to go to their company for adjustments, which might not be all over the U.S. or accessible to everyone.

Talk with your Audiologist and insurance company to make sure you understand what you are paying for each month.  Happy Hearing!


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