A Better Option than the LYRIC!

by Dr. Rachel Lynch on May 8, 2017

hearing aid

Many patients come to our office after trying the LYRIC hearing aid disappointed and with bloody ear canals.  The LYRIC hearing aid offers a deep, inserted aid that you can shower in and don’t have to replace the battery.  While this sounds inticing, the LYRIC has proved expensive and not comfortable.  Many times our Doctors are treating bruised and infected ear canals from having the LYRIC put too deep in the ear canal.

LYRIC hearing aids are analogy technology.  This means that there is no noise reduction or directional microphone technology in the aid.  Background noise and speech will all be the same level.  So in the end, you are paying for a really expensive amplifier.

Luckily, Siemens has come out with a small, discreet hearing aid called Silk.  Silk is a removable option but is not seen when it is inserted deep in the ear canal.  The Silk provides DIGITAL technology so patients are not losing sound quality with vanity.  Like all hearing aids there is a one time upfront charge for the aid without having to upgrade warranties each year or pay to have the aid removed in the office.  I am liking this option and I feel many patients will too!  Call Sonology today to learn more about Silk and try it out in our office!  Happy hearing!

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