The Value of the Experienced User

by Dr. Rachel Lynch on November 14, 2017

hearing aidsAre you an experienced hearing aid user or new to the market?  We had a patient come in this week that has worn hearing aids for several years.  The patient knows what they should be hearing and what they are missing in the current aids.  This patient had previously worn hearing aids from an ENT office but had chosen to buy the “cheaper” option at Costco.  When the patient was asked about their current aids the response was, “not the same as the other ones.”  Why is this?  The patient wanted to save money on Costco’s top of the line instruments.  However, not all hearing aids are apples to apples.  Just because Costco has a premium line this does not mean it is comparable to an ENT premium line.  Because the Kirkland Signature brand can only be programmed at a Costco store, an ENT office can’t see the comparisons on their software.  This patient reported it was not worth saving the money for their hearing needs.  They reported they would not go back to the big box store to purchase aids, but chose to stay in the medical practices to receive better hearing and counseling from a professional.  When it comes to your hearing needs, which one will you choose price or quality of care?  Happy Hearing!

The Value of ENT

by Dr. Rachel Lynch on October 30, 2017

white coatWhat is the value of an ENT in a hearing aid purchase?  This question has come up more often times than not about the importance of seeing an Ear Nose and Throat before starting the journey of finding hearing aid.  Many people have the misconception that seeing a Specialist is more expensive and that the hearing aids they offer are higher in price.  Nothing is further than the truth.  Your ENT doctor offers competitively priced aids for all budgets that even compete with big markets like Costco and Sams.  Another bonus is that ENTs employ Doctors of Audiology to diagnose and fit your hearing aids.  Audiologists have a total schooling of 8 years to provide you with that service and assist ENTs with balance and other testing.

Unfortunately, we have had patients skip the ENT starting point and come in with hearing loss that could have been surgically treated.  Acoustic tumors are another condition that has been missed because the patient was not referred properly to see a doctor before being fit with the hearing aids.  My question to you as the patient is if your ear problems are important to see a Specialist, why would you tolerate less for the hearing aid part?  You can have both!  Happy Hearing!

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