How to Protect Your Hearing

by Dr. Rachel Lynch on March 21, 2017

noise exposure There are loud sounds around us everyday.  Long term noise exposure can lead to permanent hearing loss.  Noise can come from work or recreational activities.  The popularity of music devices has lead to more widespread hearing loss among younger people.  Once you acquire a hearing loss related to noise it is usually permanent.

Normal conversation is around 50 decibels.  When a sound goes over 85 decibels it can be considered dangerous to your ears.  Imagine the sound of  jet engine.  That can be 120 decibels loud.  It doesn’t matter how long you are around these loud sounds, they can still damage your hearing.

At Sonology we offer custom hearing protection for noisy environments and activities.  Custom hearing protection is made by taking a custom silicone mold of the ear so that the molds fit safely and comfortably in your particular ear.  These are usually worn for people who need daily ear protection.  Earmuffs are another great option for hunter enthusiasts and when working with power tools.  These can last for years.

Another thing to think about is when you are listening to your iPod try to put a monitor on how loud the music can go.  Wear earplugs to concerts to limit noise exposure. Happy Hearing!

Hearing Aids for All Wallets

by Dr. Rachel Lynch on March 13, 2017



Hearing Aids too expensive?  Is that keeping you from purchasing?  Most patients have a fear of the price of hearing aids.  Some patients may go to big market places instead of a doctor’s office thinking they will save money.  But physician offices offer different price ranges and technology as well.  At Sonology, we want every patient to feel comfortable and able to have better hearing.  We strive to be competitive in price market.  You do not have to spend $8000 in order to hear better.  Luckily name brand hearing aid manufacturers offer different levels of technology for everyone.  We offer hearing aids that cost the same as going to Costco or Beltone.  The most important thing to remember is whatever hearing aid you choose you are getting follow-up care, warranties, and service with that price tag.  You may want to also think about who you are working with and what level of expertise and experience you are getting with that hearing aid.  Sonology has Ear Nose and Throat Doctors on site.  So lets say you needed the wax removed from your ears when you see your Audiologist you can get that done the same day…at NO COST!!  That’s the beauty of having a one stop shop that is a Doctor’s office as well.  Ask your Audiologist what different price levels they have and the pros and cons of those aids.  I promise we will be able to find you something that works for your budget!  That’s what we are here for!  Happy Hearing!

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