Hearing Aids

Hearing-AidsSonology Hearing Aid Clinic offers a wide range of advanced hearing aids for you to chose from. During your appointment we will guide you through the process of finding the hearing aid that is perfect for you and your lifestyle. Listed below are styles of hearing aids that you can chose from.

Digital Hearing Aids
There are many hearing aid manufacturers to choose from that can confuse the consumer. At Sonology Hearing Aid Clinic we understand that this can be a very frustrating situation. That’s why we work with one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers, ReSound, to give you the easiest and less stressful choice.

Hearing aids worn in the ear are custom fit. The Audiologist will take an impression of the ear to ensure a comfortable and precise fit of the hearing aid. They are available in a variety of skin tones to conceal the aid in your ear. Custom hearing aids come in a variety of styles listed below, ranging from smallest to largest.

CIC – Completely-in–Canal
The smallest of the custom style hearing aids, CICs fit deep in the ear canal. They offer a cosmetic appeal for patients.

In the Canal
ITC instruments sit in the lower portion of the ear bowl. They are slightly larger than the CIC model and have a longer battery life. ITCs can offer additional features such as directional microphones to hear better in background noise and volume control.

Half Shell
Half Shells fit half the bowl in the outer ear canal. Like the ITCs these models offer additional features such as directional mics, volume control, and push buttons to activate settings for specific listening environments. They are larger and easier to handle than the ITC.

Full Shell
The full shell sits flush in the entire portion of the outer ear canal. These models are the most flexible in features of the custom products. They offer a larger battery life and a larger receiver for more severe hearing losses.

Behind-The-Ear Styles
Behind-the-Ear (BTE) styles fit a broad range of hearing losses. They style fits behind or on top of the outer ear. Tubing routes directly to the ear canal that connects to a custom or tip. BTEs come in skin color tones or colors to blend with hair color. BTEs come in a range of sizes for different features and degrees of power. Many people choose discreet styles while others choose larger ones to show the new sleek designs.

Mini BTE with slim tube
Mini BTEs hide behind the outer ear or the top portion of the ear and have a discreet thin tube that connects from the hearing aid down to a tiny tip in the ear canal. The tip in the ear does not occlude the ear which gives it a natural sound into the ear canal. This type of hearing aid is usually called an “open fitting”.

Receiver in the Ear
Receiver in the Ear or RICS (Receiver in the Canal) are mini BTEs with the receiver of the instrument in the ear canal. They look similar to the mini BTE.

BTE with earmold
The standard BTE fits all ranges of hearing loss from mild to profound. They are larger in shape and can house more features and controls. They have a large battery life compared to other models. The earmold is custom made to the patient’s ear and the color is clear or matched to the patient’s skin.