Tired from your Hearing Loss? Is there a relation?

by Dr. Rachel Lynch on December 13, 2017

tired hearing

Tired?  Cranky?  Overwhelmed? Suffering from a hearing loss may be causing you to put extra effort into what you need to hear daily.  Hearing loss requires more concentration on what people are saying to you.  That energy and extra focus may be causing your brain to work overtime, making you feel drained and fatigued.

There is current research on the decline of cognitive performance related to untreated hearing loss.  This can put an overload on the brain to process simple speech in noise.  Work performance and other tasks may suffer from you having to comprehend speech.  The best thing you can do for yourself is to come up with a solution.  Have your hearing tested by an Audiologist to see if you may be suffering from a hearing loss.  If hearing aids are recommended and the best option for you make sure you discuss the best listening strategies for you to use with your new aids.  As your brain adjusts to hearing through amplification, you will realize how much pressure and tension you take off your body in order to hear.  Call us today for a FREE hearing test.  Happy Hearing!

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