Hearing Results… Now What?

by Dr. Rachel Lynch on July 19, 2017

audiogramHearing Results?  Audiogram?  Hearing Aids??  All these words and information can become confusing for a new patient.  You’ve gone to your physician for your hearing test.  The Audiologist reviews your hearing test results…now what?  Patients can become overwhelmed with the different types of technology, models, and prices of hearing aids.  The hearing test is important because it gives the Audiologist information on what areas you might be struggling to hear.  The consultation with your Audiologist is very important.  This is the time to map out where you need to hear, what type of technology is appropriate, what you’re budget is, and different ways to help you hear with the hearing aids.  It is essential for the patient to start this process with an Audiologist and Physician to rule out any medical issues that might be causing the loss and to have appropriate counseling and care about your hearing.  Beware of hearing centers that do not provide this because you may be signing waivers to waive your right to better healthcare that you could receive at a physician’s office.  Happy hearing!

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