Who is more prone to hearing loss?

by Dr. Rachel Lynch on October 25, 2016

Couple with DoctorHearing loss has the stigma of only being associated with geriatric patients, but hearing loss comes in all ages and factors.  Why is it that some people are more prone to hearing loss than others?

People who work in loud environments or have noisy hobbies have more noise exposure.  People who live in noisy cities are more prone to being around loud environments.  These factors can cause damage to the inner ear because of the loud sound being repeated over a long course of time.  Smoking, certain medications, aging, head trauma, and diabetes are other outside factors that can cause you to be at a greater risk of hearing loss.

Genetics can play a factor in hearing loss as well.  Certain traits can be passed down from your parents.  The gene NOX3 has been linked to hearing loss.  When you have a hearing test you will most likely be asked about your family history of hearing loss.

It is important for you to help control the amount of noise you are in daily.  Wearing hearing protection at certain loud events can help you from acquiring hearing loss.  If you have a long history of hearing loss, get your hearing checked annually to monitor your hearing abilities.  Happy Hearing!

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