Relationship strain caused by hearing loss

by Dr. Rachel Lynch on November 29, 2016

25141-couple-fight-bored-angry-depressed-man-1200w-tnIs your hearing loss causing strain on your relationship?  Many times denial is keeping the person from hearing loss from receiving help with his or her hearing problem.  The spouse or significant other is tired of having to repeat themselves, get the person’s attention, and “hear” for the other person.  This can cause marital strain and resentment on both sides.

Overcoming the denial of hearing loss can help you have a better quality of life even in your personal life.  Research shows that people who wear hearing aids have better communication and satisfaction in their marriage.  Women are communicators who need companionship and daily conversation.  When a husband is not listening, it can cause a feeling of isolation and lack of attention for the woman.  I see this many times in clinic where the spouse says he has “selective hearing” or he doesn’t listen to me or engage in conversation.  But many times, the husband may not be hearing correctly.  The wife may be in the other room trying to have a conversation with someone that has a hearing loss.  Every time the distance from the speaker is doubled, it creates an even harder situation for the listener.

If you are showing signs of hearing loss and your spouse is commenting that you don’t hear get a hearing test.  A hearing test will take around 10 minutes and can help sort any miscommunication in the home.  Happy Hearing!

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