What To Expect

Couple with DoctorWhat happens when I visit Sonology for the first time?
A full professional hearing test usually takes less than an hour. Once it is over you’ll have a clear idea of whether you have a hearing loss, what type it is, and how it can be helped.

What will happen during the test?
A Sonology professional will probably start by asking you a few questions about your general health and lifestyle, and the health of your ears.

Next, she’ll look into your ear to examine the canal that runs to the eardrum. she’ll be looking for more clues about your hearing health. The ear examination doesn’t hurt at all.

The actual test
For the actual test you’ll be asked to wear headphones and listen to a series of tones to evaluate the sensitivity of your hearing at different frequency levels.

The hearing test results are shown on an audiogram, a graph that, in most cases, will be presented to you right after the test.

What if I have other issues?
From time-to-time our audiologist may discover an issue that is best handled by your regular ENT. If you do not currently have an ENT physician you can choose to be treated within the building by a physician from McCool & Bhuta Ear, Nose and Throat.

What if I have a hearing loss?
The hearing test will give you a clear idea of whether you have a hearing loss. If you do have a hearing loss, your hearing professional will be able to tell you if it can be treated with a hearing aid, and if so, which type of hearing aid will suit you best.

Are there forms I can download, fill out and bring with me?
You can download the Patient Information sheet and the Notice of Privacy Practices.